Our homes and neighbourhoods are the heart of our city, and the heart of our lives. They need to be nurtured.

  • I will establish a City Development Authority to undertake masterplanning across Wellington’s communities. At the moment, we make investment decisions on an ad hoc basis but proper blueprints will ensure that decisions around homes, infrastructure and transport and community and civic assets are made together, not in isolation. These plans will also help attract private sector investment and provide certainty to communities and local businesses. Read more about this in my Housing and Development policy.

  • I will see all suburban libraries open on Sundays. We’re facing declining literacy rates across the country and books and other learning resources must be readily available. Libraries are also natural community hubs so I want to see our older facilities upgraded.

  • I want to roll out Culture in the Community programmes so that festivals, events and family-friendly activities happen all around the city, not just in the central city.

  • The Wellington region has some of the highest fees to rent council-owned sportsgrounds. I will commission an audit to better understand what can be done to reduce the fees.