I'm committed to supporting Māori aspirations to deliver better outcomes for all Māori in Wellington.

As Mayor, I will support Māori-led solutions to issues that matter to Māori. Through partnerships with mana whenua and Māori Wellingtonians, we will tackle issues such as housing, revitalising the city and responding to climate change, to name just a few.

  • I will support and find more ways for Māori providers to lead on solutions. Council and its processes need to facilitate and help Māori solutions be feasible.

  • I will facilitate relationships between Māori and others who can support solutions.

  • I will advocate for and leverage central government funds in partnership with mana whenua and I will find ways to support mana whenua applications for government funding to tackle these critical issues. For example, waste minimization fund, Mana in Mahi scheme, Local Innovation Partnership fund, Whai Kāinga Whai Oranga fund.

I will work with mana whenua, Māori businesses and organisations to develop and implement city and neighbourhood masterplans for Wellington.

  • In doing so, let’s look at how we promote opportunities for Māori including through council procurement.

  • Promote job opportunities throughout the council for Māori.

I will champion ways to visually showcase and celebrate te reo, local Māori history, toi Māori and identity - by weaving it through Wellington’s buildings and spaces, and by progressing a language strategy in partnership with mana whenua

  • Example: we have excellent artists, designers, and Māori businesses creating places we feel and know are Wellington. Look at the Wharewaka – it’s a place of soul, music, pride in our shared culture. Imagine this mana across our city!

  • I will establish a signature Māori festival for our capital city.

  • I will bring back free te reo Māori lessons in libraries.

I will find opportunities to support and resource matauranga Māori and Māori-led solutions in our natural environment and to restore te mauri o te taiao.

  • I will have mana whenua at the centre of a new Climate Adaptation Taskforce. On sea level rise and impacts on coastal sites and taonga I will work with mana whenua on infrastructure and response.